Monday, January 22, 2018

Snow Days, Snow Days, what a way to spend the day!

Last week was beyond eventful. We received our first snow of the year! Although we were so wishing to have it for Christmas, a white New Years is great as well. Thank all of you for being so patient while we were making sure to keep all families and staff safe. We couldn't ask for a better group of people to spend our days with. Most of the children were elated by the snow and a little sad that we didn't get to play in it. The temperature warmed up a enough for us to get a couple of minutes in what was left of the snow covered playground. Below are some of our friends enjoying their time outside.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Happy New Year

Welcome back after the new year. Is it just us or did 2017 pass by like the blink of an eye and just like that we are one week down in 2018!! As your children grow and the time passes remember that the Tadpoles app has an option to choose to view all of the memories your little ones have created with us. It will be a great reference to use just to look back and say remember when. The time that they are small is only a nanosecond compared to their lifetime. We are excited that we can provide such a service for to our families.

We started with the out with lots of new faces!! This was very exciting to say the least. Along with the new starts we had a lot of kiddos who transitioned into new classrooms. This transition ran so smoothly we barely even noticed it happened. It couldn't have happened this way without the awesome help of our rock star teachers. Be sure to let them know just how fabulous they are. Affirmation and reassurance doesn't stop after you enter adulthood. We love to hear how great we are and how much our hard work is appreciated. 

We had tons of art and really fun activities to jumpstart the new year. January is Fitness Fanatics month and we started the month with a more physical version of Simon Says. We made fireworks art work as well. Below are some of the pictures that we captured through the week. We ended the week with a sensory activity called Castle in the Clouds with blocks and whipped cream. 

Fireworks Art

Fireworks Art

Baby Doll Circle Time

Happy New Yearrrr!!!! 

Dancing with friends

PreK built a castle in the clouds.

Lastly, but def not least we want to take the time to introduce something that you might have noticed on your way out each day. We have designated a bulletin board specifically for a teacher or teachers who has shown exemplary usage of the FrogStreet curriculum in their classroom. Be on the lookout to see if your child's teacher is featured from week to week.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Happy Holidays

After coming back from the break we hope that everyone has had a great holiday season thus far. The halls have been quiet compared to their normal hustle and bustle. We can't wait to get everything back up to speed. We miss seeing all the kiddos faces as well as our staff. We are also excited about all of the brand new faces that we will see in the new year. In light of this we would like to share a article that we think might come in handy. It is listed at the bottom of this posting. Being a new mom can be scary and exciting at the same time. Our goal is to make sure that everyone's experience with the Academy is the best possible. We hope that the article provided is helpful and we can't wait to have you with us. 

Tips for a Proper Drop Off:

Sunday, December 24, 2017

The week before Christmas at AOMF is so much fun. We had Christmas parties, a PJ and movie day, along with gifts, gifts and more gifts. The biggest gifts of all were the school wide book exchange. Each class was able to exchange books from under our Christmas tree. The children really enjoyed it. Some didn't quite understand that they couldn't get the book that their parents brought in to give to someone else. It was so cute. We love our Academy family and we wish you blessings and love this Holiday season.

Friday, December 15, 2017

This week has been filled with lots of great activities and even a visit from Santa Claus. We were really excited to have Santa Claus from North Pole. We invited him with milk and cookies, which we know are his favorite as well as some hot chocolate and lots of toppings to help decorate cookies. He took lots of pictures and had even more stories. He was really a sight to beyond. Some of our friends were all about Santa, some were indifferent, and some were just downright not having it. It was precious and an awesome experience. We hope that this is a tradition that we can continue to have for many more years to come.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

We are super excited about this time of the year. We have lots of decorations going up and tons of activities for this Christmas season. Make sure to review our December Calendar of events to stay abreast of it all. We will also make sure to send out weekly notifications for activities as well. This week we made ornaments to hang on our school tree! Our little ones were so excited about being able to put the ornaments in the tree.  We would also like to take the time out to once again thank you for voting The Academy Child Development and Preschools your best of Parenting. It is really an honor and our pleasure to service so many outstanding families in the Nashville area and community.

Toddler One exploring the Christmas Tree

Hmmm...Where should I put mine??

He had to put in on the very top!

Hanging Ornaments.......

I have to find the perfect spot. 

Wow, this tree is so beautiful. I almost don't want to touch it.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Reasons to be thankful.....

This past week was pretty busy. We were super excited to welcome AOPP into our building and were more than happy to help them while they had repairs done to their building. Friday, they made the transition back which means our Prek classroom will go back to the Prek room at the end of the back hallway, and we will gain an infant classroom back. The enrichment room will be converted back for our family continental breakfast and the gross motor room converted back to an open space for the toddlers. Please bare with us as we make the necessary changes to get everything back to normal. We are thankful for this time of the year for many reasons.

This week our Prek classroom were busy, busy bees with art and deco. They went on a leaf walk to gather feathers for a turkey. Shaving creme and food coloring made trees. The holiday seasons brings tons of deco! We cant wait to showcase it all.

Look at our leaves!!!

Getting ready to make art with shaving cream!!

Friday, October 27, 2017

Pumpkin Contest

This week we started our Halloween festivities by having our pumpkin contest. It was so much fun  and we were extremely proud of how creative all of the pumpkins were. The Academy has some of the best teachers on the planet and it's times like these when we are glad to showcase it. There was Oscar the Grouch, A witch, the galaxy, Poppy the Troll, Popcorn Cinema, an Emoji, an ice cream cone, A Zombie Cookie Monster, and many more. We look forward to what we can see from these award winning teachers the rest of the school year.

Friday, October 20, 2017

This week has been JAM PACKED with tons of activities and awesome things to learn and do. On Monday, we surprised Ms. Michele with goodies for Boss's Day! She really enjoyed and appreciated our kind gesture. Then, we had 2 gentlemen from the Brentwood Police Department come and teach us about being safe with our parents and stranger danger. We also had an Ollie the Otter representative tell us about safety in the car. Ms. Michele was great volunteer and put on the otter costume. Most of the children actually thought it was a bear. LOL. On Tuesday, our friends made friendship bracelets to share with each other. On Wednesday, we made a cool Halloween Trail Mix for the families to take home during pick up. It was a BIG hit. On Thursday, the Brentwood Fire Department stopped by to help us learn about fire safety and of course can't forget about being able to view the inside of the truck! Today, is our very first Football Friday! Being from the south means being all about football. Pee wee, high school, college, professional....... we love it ALL! We can't wait to show off all of our expert decorating skills for our Pumpkin contest next week. Be on the look out for pictures to come and help us join in on the judging fun! Have a great weekend! 
We appreciate you Ms. Michele! You ROCK!

Some of Ms. Michele's favorite things. 

Police officers teaching about safety. 

The attention that children give to men is astonishing. 

Ms. Michele as Ollie the Otter. 

Halloween Boo Mix

"Hey guys, can I get a high five?".........."But mister, we don't know you." LOL

Muffins for our awesome community helpers!

"Hey mister, you're pretty big!"