Tuesday, September 12, 2017

September Happenings

The month of September started off with a BANG! Our fall in service training was just what the teachers needed to get them jumpstarted back into curriculum. Our partnership with Frogstreet to celebrate togetherness was awesome!!!
Our newcomer Toddler and Preschool teachers were ready to soak up the info given to them.

Taking a break with a little lunch. We didn't let a little rain get us down!
Our teachers were great at pulling our children back into full on learning mode. We each took a Mystery Bag home. The Mystery Bag was filled with one of their special items from home and then returned to school. The children then gave their friends 3 clues to help them figure out what their mystery item was. It was tons of fun!
Grab a Mystery Bag to go!

WOW!!!! I forgot I put that car in there!


Is it my turn?

We were extremely excited about the fabulous turnout we had during our Grandparents Social on Friday, September 8, 2017!  There were snacks, a take home poem and handprint keepsakes as well as tons of play on our playgrounds. Thanks again to our wonderful families for getting the word out to their loved ones and making it a success.

Reading a story

Making our handprint keepsakes 

Even our infant grandparents came out to socialize.

We would like to take the time to thank all of our Families for adding such lovely leaves to our school family tree! It really is a pleasure to service you and your children. Fall is definitely for your family!

Leaves of a different color.